To usher in a prosperous Year of the Rat, we are pleased to present you with a selection of 17 festive hampers

C2001 - Ultimate Gourmet Hamper

C2001 - Ultimate Gourmet Hamper

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Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky 700mL

Château Franc Mayne 1989 1.5L

Yokote Vinery Premium Grape Juice - Kung Hei Fat Choy 720mL

Yokote Vinery La France Pear Juice - Good Health 720mL

Tea of Lao Pi 2016 Pu Erh Tea with Citrus 200g

Hang Hing Hong Chinese Gourmet Seafood Deluxe Gift Set -The Southern Pacific Ocean Dried Sea Cucumber 200g +  India Wild Fish Maw (AA) 500g + Japanese Hokkaido Dried Scallop (M) 300g

Hang Hing Hong South Africa Canned Abalone 3 Pcs Gift Box (5 Heads X 2 Cans + 10 Heads X 1 Can)

Natural Fortune Wild Ginseng of Changbai Mountain 5.5g

Taihodien Hot Pot Combo - Spicy & Pork Bone Soup Base 2400g

Hongjia Dried Scallop Sauce - Spicy 228g

Hongjia Sakura Shrimp Sauce 228g

ROYCE' Almond Chocolate - Assorted Box 3 x 120g

ROYCE' Baton Cookies Twins Set - Coconuts & Hazelcacao 50pcs

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